Lychee Mint Yakult

         Lychees are one of the typical summer fruits in northern Vietnam. With a sweet aroma, combined with mint it will create for a refreshing feeling in hot weather. Especially, Yakult helps us to replenish beneficial bacteria to aid digestion.




Yakult: 1/2 bottle

Mineral water: 200ml

Lychee Syrup-Sunny: 30ml

Mint Syrup-Sunny: 5ml

Taiwanese liquid sugar: 5ml

Ice: 200g



Firstly, mix lychee syrup, liquid sugar in 100ml mineral water together, and then pour the mixture in a cup. 

Secondly, add ice and pour Yakult on the top.

Next, use another cup to mix the mint syrup with 100ml mineral water and pour on the next layer. 

Lastly, use fresh lychee and mint leaf to decorate. 



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