Caramel Iced Blend

      Do not need to use coffee to make the caramel iced blended. Now, you can make it easy with only one thing is using a caramel Syrup-Sunny Bottle. Especially, the sweet and tender aroma of caramel, along with the rich fatty flavors of cream and milk. All will create a cool, attractive ice blend that is suitable for any customer without fear of coffee drunk.



Caramel Syrup-Sunny: 25ml

Whipping cream(base): 10ml

Fresh Milk: 50ml

Condensed Milk: 20ml

Salt: 0.5g

Ice: 250g

Fresh Ice-cream



Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until it has totally broken down and the mixture looks creamy.

Spray fresh cream on top of a cup.

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