Lemon Peach Tea

                Lemon tea is a typical beverage from Hanoi, then it is transformed and becomes a hot trend throughout Vietnam with its distinctive sour bold tea flavor, easy to drink, and affordable price. Lemon tea has become a daily beverage for everyone, from sidewalk toads to large restaurants. The combination of peaches and lemon tea is like blowing a breeze into traditional drinks and as well create from the most basic.




Green tea: 80ml

Peach Syrup-Sunny: 5ml

Fresh Lemon Water: 10ml

Taiwanese fructose syrup (liquid sugar): 25ml

Ice: 200g



Put all of ingredients into shaker, shake well and pour into a glass.

If you so wish, you can add two slices of flesh lemon to enhance flavor or add more mint leaf on the top for decoration. 



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